IEEE ESPA 2012 - January 12-14, 2012 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Plenary Talks

Gene Frantz, Photo

Gene Frantz

TI Principal Fellow, IEEE Fellow

How TI IC Technology affects Cloud Computing

We have much to be excited about when we look at the future technology is preparing for us. At the same time we are organizing the concept of cloud computing, we are making things smaller, lower power, higher performance and less expensive. I have the privilege of watching how these two different vectors of IC technology are affecting multiple markets. Among these markets are existing ones and ones that do not yet exist. A few of the existing markets include entertainment, transportation, communications, security, and, yes, of course, medicine. I'll not mention the ones that do not yet exist. In this talk I will discuss some of the affects technology has had and will have on these markets.

Biography: Gene Frantz is responsible for finding new opportunities and creating new businesses utilizing TI's digital signal processing technology.

Frantz has been with Texas Instruments for over thirty years, most of it in Digital Signal Processing. He is a recognized leader in DSP technology both within TI and throughout the industry.

Frantz is IEEE Fellow. He holds 45 patents in the area of memories, speech, consumer products and DSP. He has written more than 50 Papers and articles and continually presents at Universities and conferences worldwide. Frantz is also among industry experts widely quoted in the media due to his tremendous knowledge and visionary view of DSP solutions.

Dr. Raj Talluri

Raj Talluri, Photo

Vice President of Product Management, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT)

Applications of Digital Signal Processing in Mobile Computing Devices

Smartphones and Tablets are the fastest growing segment of the mobile industry. In a few years, we expect over 1B devices sold every year. As these devices gain popularity, the consumer are finding ever increasing use of smarphones and tablets for everyday functions that include reading e-mails, taking pictures, listening to music, playing games, watching movies, browsing social networks, navigation etc. The amount computing, memory densities, display resolutions, sensor configurations, are rapidly increasing to keep up with the needs these applications are placing on the devices. The signal processing demands on the Applcations Processors used in these devices is also rapidly growing. This talk will explore the present and future of this exciting mobile computing market, the nature of the applciations, the demands of the consumer and how the Applications Processors are evolving to meet theses needs.

Biography: Raj Talluri serves as vice president of product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT). He is responsible for managing Qualcomm's applications processor technologies and wired connectivity solutions for the Company's chipset platforms.

Talluri has nearly eighteen years of experience that spans across business management, strategic marketing, and engineering management. He began his career at Texas Instruments working on media processing in the Corporate Research Labs. While at Texas Instruments, Raj started multiple new business in digital consumer electronics and wireless technologies. He served as the General Manager of the Imaging and Audio Business for five years leading the development of a succesful digital signal processing technologies for various consumer electronics devices. Later on Raj was named General Manager of the Cellular Media Solution business in TI's Wireless Terminals Business Unit. In this role, Raj led the succesful launch of TI' OMAP3 and OMAP4 (applications processors) platforms for Smartphones.

Talluri holds a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He also holds a master's of engineering from Anna University in Chennai, India and a bachelor's of engineering from Andhra University in Waltair, India. He has published over 35 journal articles, papers, and book chapters in many of the leading electrical engineering publications. He has been granted 13 U.S. patents on image processing, video compression, and media processor architectures. Talluri has lectured on multi-media silicon solutions and image processing at industry forums and at invited talks throughout the country.

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