IEEE ESPA 2012 - January 12-14, 2012 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Susie Wee

Biography: Susie Wee is the Vice President and Chief Technology and Experience Officer of Collaboration and Communication at Cisco Systems where she is responsible for driving innovation and experience design in Cisco's collaboration products and software services. Prior to this, she was at Hewlett Packard in the roles of founding Vice President of the Experience Software Business and Chief Technology Officer of Client Cloud Services in HP's Personal Systems Group and Lab Director of the HP Labs Mobile and Media Systems Lab. Susie was the co-editor of the JPSEC standard for the security of JPEG-2000 images and the editor of the JPSEC amendment on File Format Security. She was formerly an associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Circuits, Systems and Video Technology and for the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. While at HP Labs, Susie was a consulting assistant professor at Stanford University where she co-taught a graduate-level course on digital video processing. Susie received Technology Review's Top 100 Young Innovators award, ComputerWorld's Top 40 Innovators under 40, the INCITs Technical Excellence award, and the Women In Technology International Hall of Fame award. She is an IEEE Fellow for her contributions in multimedia technology and has over 50 international publications and over 40 granted patents. Susie received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Collaboration Experiences with Multimedia Client-Cloud Computing

Collaboration experiences have been siloed as phone calls, video conferences, web conferences, email, and IM chat, but we are now shifting to an era of the Integrated Collaboration Experience where these modalities are combined. Video collaboration experiences are becoming more immersive, more pervasive, and more mobile. Richer forms of presence and notification to allow people to work in immersive collaboration environments, office environments, and mobile environments. Social networking paradigms are integrating communities and asynchronous collaboration into social workspaces. Virtualization technologies are creating personal workspaces that can be accessed from any device.

There is also a shift in how multimedia signal processing is being done, be it a combination of processing in the client device, in the network and compute infrastructure, or in the cloud. We call this multimedia client-cloud computing. In this presentation we will discuss the Integrated collaboration experience in the context of multimedia client cloud computing. We will show how new compute paradigms for mobility, client-cloud computing, virtualization, and native browser capabilities extend the reach of collaboration. We will describe enterprise deployments of large scale video collaboration that use the enterprise network and the cloud.

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